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Have A Love Affair With A Peanut

September 21, 2017

Do you enjoy eating peanuts? We do..That is why we were delighted to find a very simple but highly relevant study about peanuts. In addition to being interesting this study is great because it derives the most information from the least complicated analysis.

The study was published in JAMA Journal of Internal medicine. It showed that consuming peanuts may help prevent heart attacks and death from cardiovascular disease. The authors simply looked at nut consumption among large groups of people. They found that participants who ate the most nuts and peanuts were about 20% less likely to die during the five year study. This was not a perfect study  and it certainly could be improved, but it contains more than a grain of useful information.

We have often wondered whether snacking on nuts was simply another example of unhealthy impulse eating or whether there might be hidden benefits. The take away message from this study is that you might actually improve your health while you are satisfying your craving. What could be better?


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