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How to Improve your Sex Life.

October 7, 2017


It would be difficult to find anyone who would not like to spice up his or her sex life. We Americans are usually looking for a quick and easy solution and the answer most often is to look for a performance enhancer. This has become a multi million dollar business. You can hardly watch a sporting event on television without being baited by an ad for one pill or another. Our advice is to look in another direction. For the time being forget about the pills. Let's begin with you.


Take a long hard look at your life. Do you look as good as you would like to look? Do you feel as good as you would like to feel? Do you have the energy and enthusiasm for life and love that you really would like to have? If your answer to these questions is yes we suggest that you consider changing your lifestyle. We like to use an analogy that is easy to relate to. If you have ever had a car with an old battery you have learned that you can charge that old battery, but you know that it will not hold that charge. If you want a battery to last and be reliable you need to get a new battery. Similarly you can  put a little spark into your love life by taking a pill or some potion, but it will be a temporary spark. It will quickly go out and it will never start a fire.

In our books and in our wellness programs we have one expressed goal. It is to help you balance the three key energies of your life in order to bring you back into balance and to develop dynamic energy.

Dynamic energy. These are two very powerful words, but what do they mean. What would it mean for you to have dynamic energy? What would it be like to have a boundless enthusiasm for life, to flow through your life without tiring and to enjoy life to the fullest with your cup overflowing? Do you think that this would also spice up your sex life?


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