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Don't Trust Food Labels

October 9, 2017


Be wary of what you read when you read a food label. Government regulations do not allow dishonesty, but labels cleverly worded can confuse you when you are shopping.

For example do you want to buy whole grain bread. Unless the label says 100% whole grain the product most likely is not whole grain. It probably contains a substantial amount of refined flour. You need to look at the ingredients. For example the first item listed may be whole grain but the next may say enriched flour. This tells you that a substantial amount of enriched refined flour has been added. You may be buying a white bread with a little whole grain added as window dressing.

If you want an organic food make certain that the label says 100% organic. If it says that the food is made with organic ingredients this should mean that at least 70% of the ingredients are organic but the other 30% may not be organic.

We could go on an on listing the ways in which the food industry confuses the consumer. Take the additional time to read all of the ingredients before you purchase. We assure you that this will be a learning experience.


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