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What is Mindfulness Meditation all about?

October 20, 2017

Unfortunately the first response that we get from people is a strange look that seems to say you must be kidding. They assume that meditation is something performed by strange bearded prophets dressed in long robes chanting alien mantras. Quite the opposite. Meditation is a very effective and simple technique for combating stress. We have been teaching it for years.


In our books we teach mindfulness meditation to combat stress and to promote health. We know that it is effective based upon our experience and the experience of participants in our programs. Now there is scientific proof that meditation is effective.


Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center randomly assigned 89 people with anxiety disorders to take either an eight week mindfulness meditation course or general stress management classes. Those who learned to meditate had significantly lower levels of the stress hormone ACTH and other markers of inflammation than those who did not meditate.


This study is just one more example of a very effective yet simple process that will yield amazing dividends. Give it a try. Go to our book Live Longer, Live Healthier for more information.


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