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Understand the Mind Body Relationship

October 27, 2017

In our books we stress the importance of keeping a calm mind and we discuss techniques that will help you develop inner calmness. Some recent studies illustrate why this is important.


For example did you know that an episode of intense anger is associated with more than an 8 times greater likelihood of having a heart attack within the next two hours? In another study it was reported that having a calm mind reduced compounds that promote the inflammation that is linked to diseases such as arthritis and type 2 diabetes.

Are you concerned about your weight? Being mindful can help you stabilize your weight. In a study published in October 2015 it was found that people who were mindful were found to have less body fat that those who were not mindful. The latter group had a 34% higher incidence of obesity than the mindful group.

Finally it was recently noted that men and women who viewed age negatively had a significantly higher number of cerebral plaques, an indicator of Alzheimer's disease, than those who had a positive attitude about aging.

Understanding the mind body relationship is important if you want to get on the path to better health.


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