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Is There a Cure for the Common Cold. Part II

November 15, 2017

In the previous blog we discussed the evidence for and against using Airborne. Our decision was for you to save your money. The reason is that their is no sound evidence that Airborne is effective in fighting a cold or in boosting your immunity. The problem in sorting out the facts from the fiction is that it is easy to make a claim but extremely difficult and expensive to prove it .

What about Echinacea. There is some lab research that suggests that this herbal compound can stimulate the immune system and have antiviral effects. Human studies have had inconsistent results. In fact two large studies in 2010 and 3022 found that echinacea was no better than a placebo at preventing or reducing the severity of a cold. The placebo effect can never be overlooked in medicine. A significant % of subjects will respond to a placebo if they believe that it has medicinal benefits.


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