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Is a Fast Heart Rate Healthy or Unhealthy?

November 24, 2017

 How fast is your resting heart rate? The answer may not be as simple as it sounds. Why? Because there is so much variation from person to person and over the course of the day it varies for the same person. Your heart rate may be slow in the morning and faster in the afternoon.

In general a slower heart rate is better than a faster rate. Recently a study followed a large number of middle aged and older men who agreed to be subjects. It was discovered. that an elevated resting heart rate in healthy subjects is not only a marker of poor general fitness but it is also an independent risk factor that may be a better predictor of premature death than elevated blood pressure or high cholesterol.

The important take away fact is that even though there is general agreement on the fact that an elevated resting heart rate is not a good thing, there is no consensus on what an optimal heart rate is and where increased health risks begin.

If you check your own pulse when you are at rest and your heart rate is greater than 100 you should be concerned. How do you slow it down without taking medications? Consult with a physician. With his consent start a gradually progressive exercise program. We present a 6-Week Program on our web blog. Within a few months you will notice differences in your appearance, in your energy level and probably observe that your resting heart rate is beginning to slow down. 


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