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How Do You Know If You Are Too Fat?

December 1, 2017

Most of us worry about our weight and most of us are aware that there is danger in carrying around too much belly fat. This is because abdominal fat is  strongly linked to metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.


The question I pose to you is at what point do you need to worry that you are toting around too much weight?


There is a simple answer and a simple way to determine if you have allowed yourself to put on too much weight. Check your height. Then measure the circumference of your waist. If the circumference of your waist is more than 50% of your height you fall into the category of being overly fat and you are in a high risk group for developing major health problems.


This may be the best health advice that I have given you. Better yet it is not difficult to make this determination.



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