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Lay in the Sun and Get Healthier? The Vitamin D Story. Part I

December 6, 2017

Did you know that sunlight may prevent cancer and heart attacks. It may also make you stronger and increase your longevity. Picture yourself lying on a sandy beach in Hawaii soaking up the rays, humming a tune and thinking how you are improving your health.  Wow! You are getting stronger and living longer by lying in the sand doing nothing.

Hold on. There is a flaw in this picture. How can sunlight prevent cancer when as everyone knows sun exposure causes skin cancer. Some of these skin cancers such as melanoma are killers. So how can sunshine prevent cancer? Relax there is an explanation. It really isn't that sun that directly does all of these wonderful things. Sun exposure is necessary for the body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is the miracle vitamin that is necessary for good health and longevity.

For years vitamin D has been a neglected nutrient.  It is unique because unlike other vitamins it is a hormone crucial for calcium absorption. It enables the body to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. A deficiency of it produces weak bones, known as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. In the past the recommended daily intake of vitamin D was 200 IU for those under age 50, 400 IU for those age 50 to 70, and 600 IU for those aver age 70. These guidelines were intended to maintain calcium absorption and bone strength.

Recently our understanding of vitamin D has expanded greatly. Vitamin D has become a miracle vitamin. The evidence will be presented in future blogs. Get more information on our blog. 


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