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Should You Use Tanning Beds?

January 5, 2018

Do you yearn for a golden suntan? Are you devoted to indoor tanning salons sand tanning beds? The American Suntanning Association that represents 14,000 tanning salon owners has hired a public relations agency and a lobbying firm to lure you on to their tanning beds. Their mission is to expand the sales of the multi billion dollar tanning bed industry. They do it with false claims that the tanning beds are not only safe but also that they will boost your mood, relieve joint pain, reduce cellulite and even make your skin look younger.

The truth is tanning beds and sunlamps are dangerous. The International Agency for Research on Cancer listed UV-emitting tanning devices as "carcinogenic to humans" This is the highest cancer risk category on par with cigarettes and asbestos. In fact those who start using sunlamps and tanning beds before age 30 increase their risk for melanoma by 75%

We strongly urge you to avoid indoor tanning and to use a safe and effective sunless tanning product if you must have that "golden tan."


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