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The Story Of The 83 Year Old Cyclist

February 2, 2018

Here is a true story that I love not only because of the unique spirit of this man but also because it tells all of us what we could do with our lives if we have a vision that drives us.


This is the story in our local paper that caught my eye. It is about an 83 year old cyclist who rode his bike up to the 3,849 summit of Mount Diablo for the 500th consecutive week. Most of the road up to the summit is a 10 to 12 percent grade, but the final stretch to the top is a very steep a 17 to 19 percent grade. It is one heck of a tough ride even for an athlete half his age.


The 83 year old cyclist looks at it differently. He says “It is a spiritual experience to ride up the mountain. You are with nature and when you go early it is quiet and peaceful”.


This rider is a very unique individual who has a passion for life and who is actively doing something that men half his age could not or would not consider doing. In my medical practice I see patients who are in their 90s who are active, who exercise daily and who have a positive attitude about life. I also see people who are in their 40s and 50s who have low energy, are lethargic and have a negative attitude about life,


When I discuss health matters with these low energy people the most frequent answer I get to explain their lack of energy and enthusiasm is that the reason is genetic. Implying that they are more or less trapped in a genetic web.


Sorry but careful studies on identical twins who grew up in different homes and environments showed that about 1/3 of their health, their weight and their appearance was the result of the genes that they inherited. The life style that they led in the years that they were apart was responsible for the rest. 


This also holds true for us. 


Keep this fact in mind when you look at yourself. Make an inventory of your appearance and of your health. Are you satisfied with what you see? Take responsibility for what you do not like. about your health and appearance.


Remember the 83 year old man who rides up the mountain every week. The only limitation you have is you. Find your passion and follow it.


photo credit: Mercury News


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