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An Update on Power Pasta

May 25, 2018

Pasta is just starch. Starch has little nutritional value on to own since it is simply a source of empty calories. Americans consume to many calories from foods like this and need to change their eating habits. Most of us love pasta, and it would be wonderful if we could have our pleasure and get some good nutrition at the same time. It turns out that it is possible. We have stumbled about a product that is new and exciting for us and for our readers. 

This "new kid on the block" is a pasta made from chickpeas. It is now available in many stores and is manufactured by a company called Banza. This new pasta has double the protein and four times the fiber of traditional pasta. It also has fewer carbohydrates and is gluten-free.

The manufacturer Banza, shorthand for garbanzo, launched in two stores in the U.S. last year. and is now in 1,700 stores. Their sales are on fire. We intend to look for this product and will post a report after we try it.



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