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Diet Myth #4 – It Is Harder to Lose Weight when you are Older because your Metabolism Slow Down

April 5, 2018

Your metabolism may slow down when you are older, but it is not because you are older. It is slowing down because you are fatter. As people age most tend to exercise less while eating as much as they did when they were younger. These excess calories have to go someplace. Unfortunately they tend to go to the hips first in women and to the middle in men.


People who are inactive lose muscle mass and replace it with fat. Fat has a lower metabolic rate than muscle; therefore, more people get fat the more their metabolism slows down. This creates a vicious cycle. As you age you need to exercise more not less in order to maintain a healthy vital body.


We will feature 1 post a day for a week on this topic. Look in tomorrow for the next installment!




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