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Meditation Can Help with Sleep Problems

July 15, 2018

Do you have trouble sleeping. Is your problem falling asleep or is it that you wake during the night and then can not fall asleep again.  If you can relate to either of these problems you are not alone. All of us have more of these sleep issues as we age.. It has been shown that older adults are less able to get as much sleep or good quality sleep as younger adults.


Sleep problems are more than a nuisance because they can have a significant effect on your health. Good sound sleep benefits your cardiovascular, immune,  and metabolic systems. It also refreshes your mind and learning ability.


Poor sleep or inadequate sleep increase your risk of heart attacks, stroke and is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. In fact it has been shown that as people age their deep sleep brain waves become smaller and fewer in number. Many seniors do not realize how much their sleep has deteriorated and they often fail to connect their deterioration in health with the deterioration of their sleep.


The problem of poor or inadequate sleep is great and treatment is difficult. The first hurdle is to become aware that you have a sleep problem. If you do the first action we recommend is to consult your physician. He might refer you to a sleep center for further studies and evaluation. 


You might need to see a psychologist to address emotional problems if they are affecting your getting a good night’s sleep. You should never overlook the power of meditation to help with sleep problems. Look in one of or books for a description of a simple yet effective technique for meditating.



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