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Health And Your Body After Age 70

July 4, 2018


Your body changes as you age. You may also have noticed that these changes are more noticeable after age 70. Needless to say you may not like these changes so here is a hit list of the important things to do. By the way these apply to everyone, not just those over age 70.


First of all avoid being severely overweight. Every pound of body weight exerts four pounds of pressure on your knees with each step. Losing weight will slow down the degeneration of your cartilage.


  1. As you age your joints become stiffer because your tendons become less flexible. This is because their water content drops by as much as 55% between childhood and older age. As a result you become more injury prone. It will help to develop a routine of stretching.

  2. You must exercise. As you age your skeletal muscles slowly deteriorate. On average you can anticipate losing about 30% of your strength between ages 50 and 70. After that you will lose another 5% of what is left per decade. A regular exercise program will slow down this deterioration. It is essential that you exercise.

  3. Your bones get thinner as you age. One in 5 women and 1 in 25 men in their 70s have osteoporosis. By age 80 1 in 2 adults have brittle bones. What can you do about this? Taking all of those supplements does not work. A recent study published in the JAMA revealed that supplements don’t guard against brittle bone breaks. What does work is weight bearing exercise plus calcium from foods like dairy, leafy greens and canned salmon.

  4. Loneliness can be a killer. Put your social networking skills to use and keep active socially.










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